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Harapan to fight for land ownership rights in Beluran

16 Nov 2022

BELURAN: The Pakatan Harapan (PH) candidate for Beluran, Felix Joseph Saang, has vowed to fight for the land ownership rights of the Beluran people, should he be given the mandate in the 15th General Election (GE15).

He said that land ownership is a critical issue in Beluran and one that is very dear to the heart of its constituents.

The PH Deputy Youth Chief plans to carry out yearly Sabah Customary Land Service Programmes (PANTAS) in the Beluran and Telupid districts, as well as the sub-district of Paitan (Sugut).

This is to ensure that the eligible orang asal (indigenous people) of Beluran would be able to obtain their land grants.

“We also plan to establish a Land Tribunal in Beluran to handle disputes regarding Customary Land Rights in the constituency,” Felix said in a statement, here on Wednesday.

However, Felix, who is also UPKO Youth Chief, knows that this is no easy matter and that it would not be solved in the blink of an eye.

“We do not want to promise the moon and the stars but if given the mandate, rest assured that we will do everything in our power to improve the lives of the Beluran people.

“Therefore, I urge the voters to not be afraid of change. The time has come for us to make a change. Beluran has been sidelined for far too long,” he said.

Land ownership right is one of the 12 pillars of Felix’s manifesto for Beluran in GE15.

In his manifesto, Felix has also pledged to upgrade the community facilities in Beluran.

This includes building community halls in Telupid and Paitan; completing the construction of the pavilion in Beluran Sports Complex; upgrading the Beluran Jetty and Beluran Market; building a fire station in Telupid; improving the sports infrastructure in Telupid and Paitan; and setting up essential federal agency liaison offices in Paitan.

“Harapan Beluran has also listed the empowerment of educational facilities as one of the main thrusts of its manifesto. Harapan believes that education is the key to nurturing the younger generation - preparing them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

“Among others, this will include a review of the proposed establishment of a District Education Office (PPD) in Paitan; and the refurbishment of schools, dormitories, as well as the accommodation for teachers,” added Felix.

The nine other pillars of Felix’s manifesto are to resolve the water and electricity shortage and internet connectivity issue in Beluran; to upgrade the road infrastructure in Beluran; to upgrade the health facilities in Beluran; to empower Beluran’s village community management councils; to ensure that qualified Beluran citizens will have the opportunity to hold important federal agency posts in the district; to empower family institutions and the socio-economy of women; to empower the growth of the youths in Beluran; to drive the growth of the socio-economy, fishing industry, tourism, and agriculture in Beluran; and to set up various pertinent parliamentary-level committees in Beluran.

The Beluran seat will see a five-cornered contest between Felix, incumbent Datuk Dr. Ronald Kiandee (Perikatan Nasional-Bersatu), Benedict Asmat (Barisan Nasional-UMNO), Rowiena Rasid (Warisan), and Hausing Samsudin @ Sudin (Pejuang).


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