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Harvest Festival gathering can support entrepreneurship and Cooperatives

12 May 2024


KUALA PENYU: The United Progressive Kinabalu Organisation (UPKO) Harvest Festival Beauty Queen competition and singing competition are integral parts of the Celebration.

Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Datuk Ewon Benedick said the Harvest Festival spanned two days and a night here brought together many people and as such it not only promoted the cultural significance but the gathering also assisted entrepreneurs .

On TEKUNs assistance for entrepreneurs he said last year a handicraft financing scheme was launched that offered a maximum financing of RM100,000.

"While this assistance may be basic, it is one of the many programmmes introduced to support our entrepreneurs. This initiative extends beyond handicrafts to include items such as batik and traditional dresses, among other's," he said.

He expressed his hope that entrepreneurs present would look into these opportunities, not only just TEKUN but other agencies under his Ministry,as well.

He congratulated the participants of the vendors booth outside the hall and encouraged them to contact agencies under his Ministry for information and assistance.

Meanwhile during the Harvest Festival beauty queen subsidiary titles competition, the contestants dressed in their finest attire paraded across the stage, showcasing their unique outfits as they competed for six subsidiary titles.

The winners of the competitions were Marylyn Bundoi, representing UPKO Kota Kinabalu, emerged victorious and took home RM2000 in cash along with other prizes.

Nusita Ain Julikon, representing UPKO Penampang, claimed the Tati Topiodo title and received RM1000 along with other gifts.

Chellyana Tensu not only won two awards, Tati Tosuau and Basaan Togingo, but also collectively received RM2000.

The "Most Liked on Facebook" award went to Alstenety Shane Jefrin, representing UPKO Keningau, who received RM700 and other gifts. The title for "Best Makeup and Hairdo" was awarded to Patricia John, representing Papar, who brought home RM700 and other gifts.

In the singing competition, the trophy was awarded to Silvilina Billy, who received RM3000 and a certificate. Michelle Kasianus secured the second place, recieving RM2000 and other prizes, while Joshua Eleazor Jalani claimed the third spot, receiving RM1000 and a certificate.


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