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Injecting “religion” into every narrative leads to dangerous road of divisiveness - Rafidah Aziz

Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz

21 Oct 2021

It is so upsetting to hear and read about how warped mindsets amongst some people can trigger unnecessary problems, and leave negative impact.

The case regarding someone making jokes about rape, is as disgusting as cases where everything is seen through "blinkers with pinholes" and with narrow chimney minds (silos are far too big, to describe the narrow minds).

No one should take lightly things that impact lives, such as rape, and any form of abuses and inflicted on other humans, whether adults or children. It is deplorable to make light if such life impacting abuses.

It must also be emphasised, that Malaysia is a multiracial and multifaith society, and each person should not feel entitled to dictate, what others regard as acceptable to their race or religion.

No one can impose his or her faith or religion on anyone else and regard himself or herself as the keeper of the next person.

Just practice one's religion to the best of one's ability, and follow the tenets of the religion one professes.

Injecting "religion" into every narrative, and seeing and imagining things which are really not there, such as in labels , and making a hue and cry about it, is going that dangerous road of divisiveness, conflict, and intolerance.

Islam is a religion of moderation, and imposing one's will on people of other religions , is a reflection of going the way of intolerance and extremism.

Of course, sometimes, behind all the façade of sanctimonious preaching and utterances, lie the hypocrisy.

We can never have that so called "Keluarga Malaysia" for as long as there are those, in that family, who insist that they are "Tuans", and that they are entitled to dictate what is in their warped mindsets upon others.


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