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Maintain and strengthen PH Sabah's Autonomy: UPKO Youth

22 October 2023

KOTA KINABALU: UPKO Youth has called for Pakatan Harapan (PH) Sabah to maintain its full autonomy in determining the direction of the coalition’s component parties in the state.

The autonomy should not only be maintained but must be reinforced from time to time.

UPKO Youth chief, Felix Joseph Saang said the devolution of power to PH Sabah’s leadership is vital, as noted by party president Datuk Ewon Benedick.

He said the autonomy needs to be maintained to ensure that all plans and strategies are in line with the party’s goals and struggles.

“UPKO Youth fully supports PH being given autonomous powers in determining its direction in Sabah.

"This is simply because we have a better understanding and knowledge of the situation in Sabah," he said.

Felix said this after chairing the Central UPKO Youth Exco meeting, here at UPKO’s headquarters.

Felix pointed out that in the last General Election (GE), PH Sabah was given the autonomy to determine the strategy, candidate selection and seat distribution.

Therefore, he said, the practice needs to be continued and full authority must be given to PH Sabah.

"What is important is that PH Sabah will give full and undivided support to the Unity Government, which is led by PH itself,” he stressed.

Separately, Felix said the leadership of the Gabungan Rakyat Sabah-led state government must be fair in the appointments of district-level positions.

"I admit that UPKO currently only has one seat in the State Legislative Assembly (DUN).

"But they must remember that without Kadamaian-UPKO’s support during GRS’ power tussle earlier this year, anything could’ve happened,” he said.

Felix said that if UPKO’s representatives could distribute the positions fairly, he doesn’t see why GRS couldn’t do the same.

"Even if the 60:40 distribution cannot be fully

implemented by GRS, they should at least give PH opportunities wherever there’s room,” he said.

"This all depends on political will, sincerity, respect, willingness and honesty to share," he said.

Felix also said that all parties in the current government need to show their commitment in solving the people's issues including the economy for the future of the country.



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