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Malaysia joins 120 countries in calling for Gaza truce

28 October 2023

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: The UN General Assembly has passed a resolution urging an immediate humanitarian truce between Israel and Hamas, with Malaysia among the 120 countries that voted in favour.

The resolution, drafted by Arab states, was adopted by a margin of 120 to 14, with 45 abstentions. The US and Israel opposed it, while Canada proposed an amendment that failed to get enough support.

The resolution is non-binding, but reflects global opinion as the conflict enters its third week, with more than thousands of people killed and Gaza under heavy bombardment.

The resolution calls for a cessation of hostilities, humanitarian aid for Gaza, and firmly rejects any attempts at the forced transfer of the Palestinian civilian population.

It also stresses the need to avoid a wider escalation of the fighting and demands increased humanitarian aid for Gaza, where only a small handful of trucks carrying aid have been allowed to enter over the last week.


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