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No airconditioning and ventilation for many years in Megalong, shop tenants urge for action

5 July 2022

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: Shop tenants in Megalong Shopping Mall, Penampang are losing their patience after being forced to do their business inside a building with neither airconditioning nor proper ventilation for many years.

West Coast Consumer Association president David Chan said that he has received complaints from many shop owners regarding the management and poor maintenance of the mall.

“There are no air-conditioning and ventilation system for many years provided for shop owners.

“Therefore, the environment is unhygienic and stuffy, even some shops owner had to install their own split air-conditioning unit,” he said when contacted by Nabalu News.

David stressed that the management should have provided basic utilities to the tenants which are being charged the maintenance fees.

“This is unhealthy for the recovery of the economy after the pandemic and an unreasonable treatment to the shop tenants as well as the tax payers.

“Therefore, we urge Penampang municipal council to look into the outcry of the shop owners,” he added.


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