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Penampang animal shelter appeals for donation

Source: Adrienne's Facebook

25 Sept 2022

By Wartawan Nabalu News

PENAMPANG: Shelter of Hope owner Adrienne Godfrey Johniu is appealing for the public’s compassion towards animals through donation to keep the animal shelter up and running.

The home-based independent animal shelter in Penampang that has been operating for more than 10 years now houses 88 cats and 63 dogs that once roamed the streets.

The animals housed were sick and injured before and were taken into the shelter when alerted by the public.

The animal then will be brought in for treatment, to recuperate and to have a better life than what they had in the past.

It is also helping out dogs that were caught by local councils to give these dogs another chance in life.

Cats and dogs not only get vet treatment but are also sterilised before they are up for adoption.

Knowing very well that there are not enough homes for all the rescued animals, the shelter is left to care for many local senior dogs and cats.

Due to the never-ending dumping of owned pets, the shelter is flooded with kittens and puppies all year round.

“Normally, when our funding is not enough, we seek public donations. Previously, we can get enough donations to last us for a month or two but nowadays the donation is very low.

“Due to this, we are in need of help in terms of donations and kinds like dogs and cats dry food and rice,” said Adrienne.

The shelter is managed solely by Adrienne where she feeds, cleans and interacts with all her rescued cats and dogs from morning to late evening without fail.

Even when it floods, she said she will wave through flood waters to ensure that all her animals are fed and tended to.

"I am asking help not to feed myself but to help these cats and dogs to never know what hunger feels like. I will never ask for any help if i still can cope,” she added.

Those who are able and keen to help out can contact Adrienne at 016 842 9598.

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