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Practice Patriotism as a committment contained within the Rukun Negara

19 May 2024


PENAMPANG: Patriotism goes beyond merely displaying flags; it involves the active participation of individuals in their country's economy and governance to ensure its advancement.

Penampang Member of Parliament Datuk Ewon Benedick said patriotism entails establishing businesses and cooperatives to create employment opportunities for the populace, as well as safeguarding their well-being.

Moreover, it involves environmental stewardship, as a pristine environment attracts tourists and serves as a testament to our national pride, Ewon who is also the Minister of Entrepreneur Development said when speaking to reporters after launching the National Month Expression Event at ITCC, today.

This commitment should extend beyond fleeting moments and be ingrained in our daily lives, he said.

In economic terms, patriotism translates to citizens engaging in economic activities and adhering to regulations that uphold societal standards, according to him.

When individuals partake in economic endeavors, they inevitably bolster the nation's economy.

"I urge the people to adhere to and practise the tenets contained in the Rukun Negara (National Principles.

"Loyalty to the King and Country" encompasses legislation, environmental conservation, economic balance, education, and more.

"The Supremacy of the Constitution, the Sovereignty of the Law" urges citizens to respect the country's laws.

"Courtesy and Morality," exemplified in celebrations like Kaamatan Festival, require us to respect and understand other cultures, uniting people of diverse races and religions.

He emphasised that unity, harmony, and tolerance among races will drive the country towards a brighter future.


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