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Prime Minister should instruct Armed forces to assist flood victims - DAPSY Sabah

26 Sept 2021

KOTA KINABALU: Chief Liaison Officer of Luyang State Assemblyman Chan Loong Wei in a statement today urged the Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri to instruct The Malaysian Army (ATM) and other federal agencies to help flood victims to rebuild their homes.

“I exhort the Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri to instruct the Malaysian Army (ATM) and other federal agencies including rescue units to attend the severely affected Kampung Sugud and Kampung Maang.

“The Prime Minister and Chief Minister both paid a visit on Malaysia Day to the sites affected by the flash flood, however, only distributing cash aids are not enough.

“The government should not sideline the issue after distributing cash aids as the loss of the victims are way beyond RM1,000, I would like to invite officials to the site together,” said Chan

Chan was leading a team of volunteers from Luyang today to help out flood victims in Kampung Sugud.

“It was heartbreaking while we arrive in the village, mud was covering vehicles and homes of the villagers were also demolished by the earlier mud flood, the tragedy was overwhelming and one of the worst that ever happened in history.

“I second the call of the Member of Parliament for Penampang, YB Darell Leiking that urged the Federal Government to deploy more professional trained manpower and resources to the village to speed up the cleaning and rebuild the homes of the villagers as soon as possible,” stated the DAPSY Sabah Executive Secretary.

Chan stressed that without proper instruments, machinery and manpower, the cleaning up process would take up a long period of time.

“Victims from Kampung Sugud and Kampung Maang would have to wait longer to rebuild their homes if proper resources are not deployed in time.

“Shovels and few backhoes are insufficient to clean up the thick floor of mud as rain continues to fall frequently during the cleaning process,” he stressed.

Together present were DAPSY Sabah State Secretary Jolin Puan, DAPSY Sabah Organising Secretary George Wong, DAP Unit Tindak KK Captain Kaven Lee and other volunteers from Luyang. The event was initiated by DAP Kepayan State Assemblywoman, YB Jannie Lasimbang and MP Penampang.


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