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Puspanita MEDC visits KDCA

4 December 2023

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: Today, a group of twelve members from Puspanita, an organisation representing wives and female members of the Civil Service, embarked on a visit to the Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association (KDCA).

Led by Datin Connie Parantis, the wife of the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDC), Datuk Ewon Benedick, the group aimed to explore and gain insights into the rich cultural heritage of the region.

She said the Puspanita group comprised of those from the Ministry and its agencies such as TEKUN and AIM.

During their visit, the Puspanita group from the MEDC had the opportunity to tour several traditional houses within the KDCA premises.

Each establishment provided them with valuable information about the customs, traditions, and history of the Kadazan Dusun community.

Connie expressed that this visit was a reciprocal gesture from the Ministry's Puspanita to the Penampang Puspanita, who had previously visited the Ministry in August of this year. This exchange of visits between the two Puspanita groups promotes cultural understanding, strengthens bonds, and fosters meaningful relationships between members of the Civil Service.

The visit to the KDCA was actually in conjunction with a visit to the 'Social Entrepreneur,' but it not only provided the Puspanita members with a deeper appreciation for the diverse cultural heritage of Sabah, but it also served as an opportunity to foster unity and collaboration between different communities.

"Our time here is quite limited, so we won't be visiting any other similar places," Connie said, adding that they will however be carrying out a corporate social responsibility (CSR) visit tomorrow at an orphanage in Penampang.

The Puspanita group from MEDC left the KDCA with a sense of admiration for the rich traditions and customs of the Kadazan Dusun people, and their commitment to preserving and promoting Malaysia's cultural diversity.


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