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Reactivation of party branch extends reach to grassroots

The attendees.

27 November 2023


PAPAR: United Progressive Kinabalu Organisation (UPKO) extended its reach to the grassroots with the reactivation of its Limawan Branch at Kinarut.

UPKO Papar Division Chairman Datuk Gilbert Sham said reactivation of this branch is of great significance to the party’s effectiveness.

With more branches, UPKO can extend its reach and ensure better representation of diverse communities and regions, allowing the party to address local issues and concerns more effectively, he said.

Gilbert recieving a membership application.

The reactivation ceremony of the UPKO Limawan Branch was held at the residence of Alfred Jinuin in Kg Limawan. The event brought together a notable gathering of party leaders and committee members, including Marcellus Tambud, Deputy 1 and Chief of the Papar Division, Symphorsa Sikuil, Chief of the Women's Division, Caven Fredolin, Acting Chief of the Youth Division, and several other dedicated members of the Division Committee.

During the ceremony, Gilbert delivered a heartfelt speech expressing his utmost gratitude and congratulations to the committee members.

“Their tireless efforts and commitment had led to the successful reactivation of the UPKO Limawan Branch, a remarkable achievement for the party,” he said adding that the leadership of the Chief of the Women's Division and the women from Limawan, played a pivotal role in driving the branch's revival.

In his address, Gilbert also highlighted the growing membership of UPKO in the Limbahau area. This encouraging trend indicated a significant increase in support for the party. The expanding membership base reflected the trust and confidence that the people of Limbahau had placed in UPKO, solidifying its position as a prominent political force in the region.

Gilbert also announced that 43 individuals had expressed their interest in joining UPKO by submitting their membership forms. This influx of new members not only demonstrated the party's appeal but also showcased the continued growth of UPKO.


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