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RM10K for Lingkubang church repair

23 October 2023


KOTA BELUD: The SIB church in Kg Lingkubang, Kota Belud is set to undergo renovations for a better floor as the tiles are being changed.

This upgrade is made possible through a generous donation of RM10,000 by Kadamaian State Assemblyman Datuk Ewon Benedick.

The donation was presented to Church representative Clarence Harry Ginsos, 45, by Sainim Epin from the UPKO Office, who represented the Assemblyman.

Clarence said they need the tile replacement as the tiles are old and had cracked. He explained that broken tiles create discomfort for the congregation, and by repairing or changing them, the church will not only become more comfortable but also visually appealing.

“The funds will also go towards improving the Dining Hall's infrastructure, specifically the ceiling and electricity wiring. This enhancement aims to provide a more comfortable dining experience for visitors. Currently, the absence of a ceiling and electricity in the hall causes inconvenience to diners and visitors alike,” he said.

Clarence highlighted that the church measures 70 feet by 60 feet, while the dining hall spans 22 feet by 40 feet.

Although the space comfortably accommodates regular services, during special occasions like Christmas, the church could not house its 700-strong congregation from the village. Some had to stand outside the building.

He said they could do with a bigger church building and hostels to accommodate visitors and visiting preachers but stresses that the church renovations is a great help towards the church and the congregations.

“We wish to thank UPKO President Datuk Ewon Benedick who is also the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative for his kind donation. He decided to give us the donation after visiting our church. His concern and generosity are very much appreciated,” he said.


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