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Sabahan influencer raises more than RM100,000 for flood victims in Penampang, Kinarut

24 Sept 2021

By Ilona Andrew

KOTA KINABALU: A local influencer Adam Shamil who is famous for his song 'Mansau' and educational YouTube videos has managed to raise a total of RM136,800 within 24 hours to help flood victims in Kg Sugud and Kg Hungab in Penampang and Kg Labak in Kinarut.

In a video posting on his Facebook account yesterday, Adam explained that he initially aimed to raise RM50,000 within one week for the flood victims.

"I just want to take this moment once again to thank each and every single one of you for your donation, for your kind contribution.

"I am lost for words, I am beyond happy to have started this initiative driven by the community. You guys (referring to the donors) are the real reason why RM 136,800.86 is achieved," he said.

According to Adam, if he could gather RM150,000 in donation, a quarter of each of the amount would go to Kg Sugud and Kg Labak, while another RM50,000 will be distributed to Kg Hungab and the areas around it such as Kg Maang, Kg Dabak and Kg Kambau.

The recent mud flood tragedy that has hit several areas on the West Coast was said to have been the worst with most of the residents in Kg Hungab, Kg Sugud and Kg Labak experiencing severe property damage and emotional distress.

When Adam started his campaign on Wednesday, he expressed hope the community would unite through the initiative and help those who are facing the challenging moment by easing their burden.

He stated that the campaign will go on until Saturday (Sept 25), 11.59pm,

"All transactions (entries and exits) from the contributions that I have obtained will be shared on social media to achieve transparency and avoid slander and from any party."

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