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Self-made bottleneck causes Penampang flooding – Madius

17 February 2023

By Wartawan Nabalu News

PENAMPANG: Tuaran MP Datuk Seri Madius Tangau revealed that one of the causes that have affected flooding in Penampang is a ‘self-made bottleneck’ which obstructed the flow of Moyog river during heavy downpours.

Through his official Twitter account, he stated that the self-made bottleneck was due to the narrowing of Moyog river to allow the construction of a bridge towards Servay Putatan.

“A friend went on a walkabout along Moyog river looking for the cause of the flooding in Penampang. They found it here! Self-made bottleneck!! #flood #Penampang #Bottleneck

“The Moyog River is about 200', and it was ‘shortened’ into 60', for the construction of this bridge towards Servay Putatan, causing water backlog and of an flooding,” he said in his tweet.

He added that due to the backlog, flooding sedimentation of rocks, sands, slug, and narrowing the riverbanks has made the river shallow and eventually worsened the floods.

In his tweet, he also posted a picture of the said bridge and a screenshot of a map which shows the aerial view of the river and the bridge.

“My house in Penampang is one of the victims of flooding every time when there are more than two hours of downpour.

“Sabah Drainage and Irrigation Department (JPS) should give explanation as to what actually happens. Who approved the BQ of the said bridge? What now?

“Schools and other government, as well as private properties, are also flooded every time there are more than two hours of rain. The authorities must take action to resolve this problem,” he stressed.

On Monday, a heavy downpour in the district caused seven areas to be rendered impassable with some 35 people from 10 families evacuated.

Meanwhile, Penampang MP Datuk Ewon Benedick said Penampang is urgently in need of a flood mitigation project and that he would bring the matter for discussion in today’s Cabinet meeting.

He said, the project, estimated to cost around RM500 million, is urgently needed to solve the flood problem in Penampang which was hit by flood again on Monday following heavy rain.


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