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SME-UP assistance programme allocated RM15 million

24 November 2023

By Nabalu News Journalist

KOTA KINABALU: Human capital development plays a significant role in driving the economic growth of the state and recognising this importance, the 2024 Budget has prioritised the production of highly skilled entrepreneurs through the implementation of various programmes, such as the Sabah Entrepreneur Enhancement Programme and PROTUNe.

Finance Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun in his Sabah State Budget Speech 2024 at the State Legislative Assembly said the State Government, through the Department of Industrial Development and Research, will continue SME-UP Assistance Programme with an allocation of RM15 million. As of now, SME-UP Assistance Programme has successfully created more than five thousand Sabah SME entrepreneurs.

He mentioned a participant of SME-UP Assistance Programme and owner of Bumiputera company AFCL BIOSCIENCE SDN BHD, Anita Mohamed from Lahad Datu, who has successfully entered both international and domestic markets with various cosmetic and fragrance products.

Through dedication and hard work, her domestic and export product sales value has reached RM4.75 million per year.

He also mentoned Emily Jeneble from Keningau winner of the Pitchborneo Programme through the idea of 'Evolusi Kraf Batu Lunguyan'.

She has successfully received numerous local and international awards, such as International Craft Award 2023 which represents a lifetime achievement for her contribution towards craft development and community engagement.

The State Government has contributed a Vinatu Folder to every Assemblymen to support her product. This signifies the State Government's undivided support not just for the cultural heritage of Sabah but also the local creative industry that contributes to grassroots economic growth.

The 2024 Budget includes programmes aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of targeted groups and youths through the Human Capital Development Programme and KO-Nelayan Entrepreneur Development Programme.

These programs have been allocated RM6.99 million for the year 2024. The primary beneficiaries of these programs are expected to be over 100 individuals, including artisanal fishermen, small-scale fisheries, and aquaculture entrepreneurs.

The Human Capital Development Programme and KO-Nelayan Entrepreneur Development Programme aim to support the targeted groups in expanding their businesses and improving their productivity, output, and income.

The State Government, specifically the Sabah Ministry of Rural Development, is actively promoting and supporting rural entrepreneurship in the manufacturing of local products.

These products include gong makings, cornhusk flowers, beadworks, and various local food products. To facilitate this initiative, a total allocation of RM2.41 million has been dedicated to programmes such as the One District One Product Programme, Rural Entrepreneur Development, and Rural Industry Programme.


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