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State Attorney General supports CM stand on 40 percent

19 May 2024


KOTA KINABALU: The State Attorney-General, Datuk Nor Asiah Mohd Yusof, reiterates the Chambers steadfast dedication to safeguard Sabah's constitutional rights, particularly concerning the 40% Net Revenue special grant as enshrined in Article 112C and 112D of the Federal Constitution.

The State Attorney-General's Chambers has been actively participating in all discussions related to this matter together with the Sabah Ministry of Finance and the Federal Government.

"Our stance is fully in line with the Chief Minister of Sabah's recent statement affirming the State's determination to uphold its constitutional rights and will persist in the fight for all Sabah's right as outlined in the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63)," she said in a statement today.

The State Attorney-General's Chambers has been instrumental in these negotiations, ensuring that Sabah's legal and constitutional claims are effectively represented, she said.

" Our consistent efforts are focused on ensuring that the Federal Government adheres to the revenue-sharing formula outlined in the Federal Constitution. This includes seeking compensation for the "lost years" from 1974 to the present when no review of the special grant took place."

Regarding the legal proceedings initiated by the Sabah Law Society, she said they respect their right to seek judicial review on this matter as public interest litigation is vital for upholding the rule of law and ensuring fair justice.

"Meanwhile, the State Attorney- General's Chambers will take necessary measures to correct any misguided statement that deviates from the State's clear and formal position."

She also stated that irrespective of the outcomes in the Court of Appeal, Sabah maintains its official demand that the Federal Government meets its legal and constitutional obligations concerning the special grant.

" This financial entitlement, rooted in the pre-formation negotiations of Malaysia and enshrined in the Federal Constitution, is a non-negotiable right of Sabah."

The State Attorney-General's Chambers assures the people of Sabah that we will continue our unwavering pursuit of all rights due to the State under the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) and the Federal Constitution.


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