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Stop open burning - Gilbert Sham


21 March 2024

By Nabalu News Reporter

PAPAR: Datuk Gilbert Sham, the dedicated United Prpgressive Kinabalu Organisation ( UPKO) division head of Papar, issued a reminder in light of the relentless and unbearable prolonged hot weather conditions.

He urged farmers and plantation owners to exercise caution and refrain from engaging in open burning practices, emphasising the detrimental impact it could have on the environment and its ecosystems.

As the scorching heat persists, the risk of wildfires and environmental degradation looms large, he said adding that open burning not only exacerbates the already challenging conditions but also poses a serious threat to natural habitats, wildlife, and biodiversity.

The fragile balance of our ecosystems is at stake, and every effort must be made to preserve and protect them, he said.

Gilbert's call to action serves as a crucial reminder of our responsibility to safeguard the environment for future generations.

Lorry carrying tanks of water for residents.

"By promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness about the consequences of open burning, we can all play a part in mitigating the environmental impact of the ongoing hot weather conditions and contribute to the preservation of our precious natural resources," he stated.

He also expressed his appreciation for UPKO Papar member, Maxmillion Sikuil doing his parts to help fill his privately-owned lorry and water tank pumping water from a stream in Ulu Labak to distribute to a few helpless folks in Kg. Sulim, Kinarut for their daily needs.

"I am filled with immense gratitude and admiration for those selflessly dedicated their time, efforts, and resources to assist those suffering from the devastating effects of drought in Papar."

He reiterated his call to residents in Papar to refrain from open burning to ensure against any untoward incidents.


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