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Sugud flood victims receive aids from Penampang 4x4 Recreational Club

4x4 vehicles clearing trees via winches.

27 Sept 2021

PENAMPANG: Around 40 members of the Penampang 4x4 Recreational Club have been rolling up in a convoy as part of an ongoing effort to aid the recent flood victims of Kg. Sugud, Penampang.

Using their rugged vehicles to bypass deep and muddy waters, they had initially arrived at the village on the day of the flooding and immediately put their machines to work.

They managed to retrieve damaged cars as well as clear fallen and uprooted trees by pulling them to the side via winches, utilizing the strength of their four-wheeled drives.

One of the damaged cars is being retrieved via a winch.

A family of five who were caught in the thick of the overflow and unable to escape their home in Taman Kasigui due to high waters were also rescued by the crew. The family was sent to a shelter following the rescue.

The club members then proceeded to clean up the affected houses before presenting aid such as drinking water and other essentials to the victims, in which the latter was made possible by donations from concerned citizens.

Club president Alex Leong said that a lot of people had shown tremendous support towards those afflicted by the unfortunate incident.

Alex (left) and a club member rescuing one of the family members.

"Malaysians are very goodhearted. An overwhelming amount of donations were received not only from Sabahans but also from West Malaysians so we are very grateful for that."

"I would also like to thank all the club members for their hard work and dedication as well as all the other NGOs, 4x4 groups, and individuals who helped out in this endeavor", he said.

The offroad enthusiasts' mission at Kg Sugud is still ongoing at the time of this report (26 September).

Club members presenting drinking water aid for the victims.

Previously, they had also lent doctors and nurses a hand in a month-long outreach vaccination program at Babagon, Penampang.

During the program, vaccinations were carried out at village dewans and through house-to-house visits in an effort to raise the vaccination rates in Sabah.

Alex added that the club plans to continue to give back to the community and carry out more of such activities in the future.


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