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Takulung grateful for donation

Receiving the chairs.

1 November 2023


KOTA BELUD: In the idyllic village of Kg Takulung Kota Belud under Kadamaian Constituency, there live 500 people, who live together in harmony, with religious tolerance among them.

There are 50 houses, each surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant gardens. The serenity of the village is enhanced by the presence of a quaint church and a mosque, symbolising the coexistence and respect for different faiths within the community.

The majority of the villagers work as rubber tappers, deriving their livelihood from the surrounding rubber plantations.

Elycia Sikul.

However, even those without their own rubber plantations contribute to the community by tapping rubber for others, creating a sense of camaraderie and mutual support among the villagers.

Recently, the village was bestowed with a canopy and 35 plastic chairs from the Kadamaian State Assemblyman's office.

Elycia Sikul, the village's security and development chairperson, expresses her gratitude to Datuk Ewon Benedick, the Kadamaian State Assemblyman. She acknowledges his generosity in presenting the village with a canopy and 35 plastic chairs, which will serve as valuable assets for various community activities.

Donated items being delivered.

The villagers will use the canopy for gatherings, festivals, and other social events, Elycia shares adding that this will foster a sense of togetherness and celebration.

Elycia also highlights the condition of the community hall, which is currently in a state of disrepair.

She hopes that, with the attention brought by Datuk Ewon Benedick's donation, the community hall will receive the necessary support and renovation to serve as a functional and safe space for the villagers.

The Balai Raya.

The community hall holds great significance as a central meeting point, where villagers can come together to discuss important matters, hold cultural events, and engage in various educational and recreational activities.

In this idyllic village, the spirit of gratitude and communal harmony thrives.

The villagers are not only grateful for the recent donation but also for their tight-knit community, where religious tolerance, cooperation, and a shared sense of purpose make it a truly remarkable place to call home.

"We thank our State Assemblyman for his constant support and contribution to his constituents. His dedication is phenomenal," Elycia shares.

Datuk Ewon Benedick is the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and cooperative.


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