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TEKUN Membakut to be established

Ewon (middle) visiting one of TEKUN entrepreneur's premise.

7 April 2024

By Nabalu News Journalist

MEMBAKUT: Entrepreneurs from TEKUN Membakut welcomed the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative's (MEDC) plans to establish a TEKUN branch office there.

When met they expressed their enthusiasm about the prospect of being able to seek assistance and repay their loans without having to travel too far.

The office is expected to start it's operations later this year.

MEDC Minister Datuk Ewon Benedick had tracked the entrepreneurs from TEKUN Membakut and subsequently identified the proposed location for a new TEKUN branch office here.

He expressed his hopes that the establishment of the TEKUN office in Membakut will facilitate entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs to conduct business and thus attract more people to benefit from TEKUN services.

There are 25 TEKUN National full branches throughout Sabah, including a mini office in Pitas, with a total of 117 employees.

For Membakut entrepreneurs the nearest TEKUN office is the TEKUN Beaufort Office, Ewon said.

Regarding the number of TEKUN entrepreneurs, he said that a total of 4,103 TEKUN borrowers in the Beaufort area since the office started operating in 1998 with a financing value of RM43.028 million.

"Out of that total, 2,908 are first-time borrowers, and the rest are repeat borrowers, with 2,613 female entrepreneurs and 1,490 male entrepreneurs."

TEKUN has also approved financing totaling RM1.226 million for 59 entrepreneurs from January to April this year, with 21 being first-time borrowers and the rest repeat borrowers.

"Based on the data provided by TEKUN Beaufort, the majority of borrowers are women," he said.

Also present during the visit were TEKUN Sabah Manager Hemin Osumping, TEKUN Trustee Member Datuk Gilbert Sham, and Rowindy Lawrence.


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