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The elderly receives hospital bed for enhanced care

Phillip (4th left) with Bryan (6th left) during the event.

5 Januari 2024

By Wartawan Nabalu News

PENAMPANG: Margaret Longkudai, 93, of Kg. Pagansakan, Inobong, was an active and mobile individual just a month ago, freely moving about her house. However, a sudden fall left her incapacitated, as she suffered a fractured leg.

Ever since the accident, Margaret had been confined to her bed, which was lovingly crafted by one of her sons at home. Despite the efforts to make her comfortable, she still had to endure the sweltering heat on an average mattress.

In this state of helplessness, some of Margaret's 12 children stepped up and took turn to care for their beloved mother. Each of them wholeheartedly embraced their responsibility, deeply sympathetic to the challenges their parent was facing.

The Longkudai family expressed their immense gratitude upon receiving a specialised hospital bed worth over RM2k from Datuk Phillip Lasimbang, Chairman of Yayasan Bank Rakyat (YBR), an agency under the supervision of Datuk Ewon Benedick, the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative, who also serves as the Penampang Member of Parliament.

Flora Pasus, one of Margaret's daughters, shared her heartfelt appreciation for the generous contribution, stating that they would not have been able to afford such a functional and comfortable bed for their mother otherwise.

"We are overjoyed that our mother will now have a more comfortable bed. It will also ensure her safety as we can better manage her positions to prevent her from rolling off," Flora shared.

Nicholas, Flora's brother, also extended his gratitude to Phillip and Member of Parliament Datuk Ewon Benedick for their sincere concern for their constituents.

Meanwhile, Phillip expressed that it was heartwarming for him to assist those in need, as it ensured they receive the appropriate help. He mentioned that this assistance had been ongoing for a while and had benefited numerous individuals.

"While our main focus is on education, we also recognise the importance of supporting the less fortunate and the sick, and we extend our assistance as much as we can," Phillip explained.

He further stated that this act of charity was a continuous effort, as there were many others in the community who required this kind of assistance.

Also present during the event was Bryan Matasing, the Penampang Parliament Liaison Officer.

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