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TONIBUNG receives 2022 JCIM Sustainable Development Awards

18 Sept 2022

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: TONIBUNG, a social enterprise that promotes capacity-building training and renewable energy technology for rural communities is among the recipients of the 2022 Junior Chamber International Malaysia (JCIM) Sustainable Development Awards (SDA).

The organisation which is founded by Orang Asal Rights activist Adrian Banie Lasimbang was recognised and won two Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) categories out of 17.

“We are very honored to be selected as one of the 2022 Sustainable Development Awards… recognize our work in Goal 7 of SDG providing affordable clean energy to communities and Goal 1 contribute towards eliminating poverty,” he said.

In its project titled Long Tanid Micro Hydro Project starting since 2018, TONIBUNG aims to reduce the community's relies on expensive and polluting fossil-fuel-powered generators for electricity, contributing to global climate change.

The Micro Hydro system provides villagers in Long Tanid Village, Sarawak with abundant, reliable 24-hour electricity at a lower cost than is currently available through the use of diesel generators.

By using water to replace diesel generator, villagers only pay about RM30 per month compared to RM300 in buying diesel fuel. This measure has benefited 50 households, two community halls and a church.

This project achieves five of the SDGs – quality education, gender equality, clean and affordable energy, climate action and life on land.

With better quality lighting at night, children of the village can now study better at night while women are able to do a lot more things such as housework, craft, food processing and traditional costumes tailoring.

The micro hydro also contributes to climate action - as the community no longer relies on diesel generators, there are no more fumes and noise pollutions.

Besides that, the community has learned that a healthy forest is essential for the survival of the micro hydro, thus encouraging them to take better care of the forest and watershed.


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