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UPKO: Implement the 60:40 formula

22 October 2023


LIBARAN: Sabah PH elected representatives have chosen to support the current Sabah state government during the recent political crisis in order to prioritise and maintain political stability in Sabah.

UPKO Libaran Division Dr Peter JR Naintin said by ensuring stability, the state government can concentrate on attracting both domestic and foreign investors to drive economic and social development.

To demonstrate the sincerity and political cooperation between GRS-PH at the grassroots level, it is crucial for the current Sabah State Government to implement the 60:40 formula, similar to what has been done by state assemblymen in Kadamaian, he stated.

“The implementation of this policy need not wait until the Sabah PRN 2025. It can be executed in the spirit of shared responsibility among political parties supporting the Sabah State Government, fostering unity among the people at the grassroots level,” he said.

The tenure of officers in the State Child Court (MAN) throughout Sabah will conclude at the end of 2023. Positions such as District Chief (KD),  Ketua Anak Negeri (KAN), Wakil Ketua Anak Negeri (WKAN), Chinese Community Chief, and Village Chief (KK) are open for application or consideration in each district by the State Assemblymen from the component parties of the Sabah State Government, he elaborated.

“The MAN has provided the Application Form reference KUHEAN: 100-0 / 3Jld / 1 (13) Revised August 2018 for local leaders to apply for these positions. This implies that the selection for these posts will last for at least two years (2024-2025), until the next Sabah PRN. This will be an important criterion to show the level of service, implementation and improvement that can be implemented at the grassroots level.”

” If there are several capable candidates for these positions, I suggest the Government approve the selection mechanism through voting by local residents. This is the right time for the Rakyat to choose their leaders who have education, experience and ability to carry out their responsibilities and duties at the village and district level,” Peter said.

“ In addition to using ballot papers, electronic voting methods (QR Code) can be utilised as implemented to elect young leaders for the Sabah Youth Assembly Programme recently by the new state government.”- ends


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