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UPKO Melalap Applauds its President call to secure more seats

14 September 2023

By Wartawan Nabalu News

MELALAP: The United Kinabalu Progressive Organisation (UPKO) Melalap expressed their commendation for President Datuk Ewon Benedict's recent statement urging the party to secure more seats in the next state general election (GE).

Judis Nasir, the Head of Information for UPKO Melalap, was commenting on President Ewon's recent media statement.

In his statement Ewon highlighted the pivotal role that the leaders play in winning seats, stressing the necessity for an efficient campaign machinery tailored to suit the specific region where the party intends to contest.

Judis emphasised the significance of strong leadership and effective campaign strategies in determining electoral success.

He said the statement reflected UPKO's commitment to increasing their presence within the political landscape of Melalap.

He admitted that the situation in UPKO Melalap was chaotic for a while when the Division head, Datuk Dr Lucas Umbul, resigned and joined STAR.

Currently, the position is held by the Deputy Junik Bajit.


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