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Joisin Romut

17 June 2021

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: The people of Sabah reject extreme political approaches that use religious and sensitive issues as it is not the culture and practice in the state, said the United Progressive Kinabalu Organisation (Upko).

Its information chief Joisin Romut said the act should not be taken lightly and should be stopped before it gets worse.

If not handled properly, it will jeopardise the harmony and unity that Sabah has been embracing over the years, he added.

"The criticism from various quarters received by PAS Sabah in relation to the issue of segregating trolleys in supermarkets is not because the people of Sabah do not understand or do not respect certain religions.

"It is a manifestation that the practice of politicizing issues related to religion and other sensitive issues is not the culture of the society in Sabah," he said a statement today.

The issue which was raised by appointed state assemblyman Dr Aliakbar Gulasan has received criticisms from citizens and political parties.

Among those who spoke up are Upko Keningau's Deputy Division Head, Kennedy John; and Deputy Head of the Women Wing who is also the supreme council of the party, Nancy Lau.

Joisin added that PBS vice-president Datuk Johnny Mositun and Sabah DAP Youth also recently slammed the actions of those who tried to magnify the issue as it had already been resolved before that.

"Meanwhile, the Treasurer General of Warisan, Terrence Siambun stressed that the actions of the PAS delegate divided the people through religious bigotry and not to promote the uniqueness of Sabah where Muslims and non-Muslims live together in harmony.

"However, the action of the Sabah PAS delegate to politicise the trolley issue was supported and defended by SAPP and STAR," he stated.

Joisin said: "Isn't PAS Sabah part of the Sabah state government and also the Federal government? While this trolley isolation needs to be done, must this matter be sensationalised for the sake of political mileage? Can't this matter be resolved by simply informing all local authorities in Sabah to advise all supermarket operators to segregate trolleys without making statements that invite tension?"

As a nominated assemblyman member and being a government representative, Aliakbar is in a position to change the practice of trolley segregation without exaggerating this matter, Joisin added.

"This imported political practice should not threaten our harmony, tolerance and mutual respect. This spirit of our brotherhood is a sacred heritage from our ancestors.

We are confident that the people are watching and evaluating."


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