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UPKO receives 200 new members in Keningau

20 November 2023

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KENINGAU: The United Progressive Kinabalu Organisation (UPKO) has received new membership forms from over 200 individuals from the Bingkor state constituency, Liawan state constituency, and Tambunan.

The membership forms were received by UPKO President Datuk Ewon Benedick at the "Mirumo-Rumo" (Relaxing) Gathering with UPKO Keningau, held at The DUO Spa Centre, Apin-Apin, on Sunday.

In his speech, Ewon welcomed the presence of all those who were former members or have returned to UPKO.

"In December, we will organise a special program for those who were once UPKO members, even if they are now in other parties, to foster a spirit of togetherness in pursuing the political goals of Sabah, including the successful implementation of the 1963 Malaysia Agreement," he said.

Ewon expressed hope that in the upcoming elections, more UPKO representatives would win seats in either the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) or the Parliament.

"I believe that in this positive situation, we will have additional successful candidates not only in the State Legislative Assembly and the House of Representatives but also in the Senate. The question of where we will compete is a challenge and my responsibility as UPKO President," he said.

In terms of cooperation with other parties, Ewon said that in politics, nothing is impossible. "For example, before the elections, we competed against BN and GRS, but today we are together forming the Unity Government."

"Our UPKO struggle needs to be carried out with a clear tone, but when it comes to forming cooperation, we must be wise in diplomacy with them. The party constitution clearly states that we can collaborate with other parties, NGOs, as long as they share the same goals as us," he said.


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