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MP's RM10k contribution boosts rural pupils chance for MRSM enrollment

(left to right) Florencia, Lawrence and Anni

12 June 2024


PENAMPANG: The allocation of RM50,000 in funds to support four selected rural primary schools here recently serves as a motivational boost for pupils to strive for excellence with hope to enroll in Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM).

The funds were disbursed in conjunction with 'Jom Masuk MRSM' programme and the beneficiary schools were SK Babagon, SK Kipovo, SK Moyog, and SK Tampasak Togudon.

Florencia Balagut, the Headmistress of SK Tampasak Togudon, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Datuk Ewon Benedick, the Member of Parliament for Penampang, for the generous contribution to her school.

"This financial assistance holds immense importance for us, enabling us to organise various impactful programmes for our pupils," she remarked.

"Our current focus is on supporting our Primary Six pupils to perform exceptionally well in their examinations, ensuring they have the opportunity to pursue studies at MRSM," she emphasised.

Florencia mentioned plans to arrange a visit for both pupils and teachers to MRSM, providing them with a firsthand experience of the junior college environment.

In addition to the RM10,000 for academic enhancement programmes, the school also received an additional RM10,000 designated for the enrichment of their library resources.

Anni Antony, the headmistress of SK Moyog, revealed that the RM10,000 allocated to the school will be used to identify promising pupils as potential candidates for admission to MRSM.

She shared that among the 20 students, five individuals exhibit exceptional potential and will be nurtured and prepared for enrollment in the junior college.

Anni mentioned plans to organise a visit to MRSM for these selected pupils, providing them with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the college environment and gain valuable firsthand experience.

Lawrence George the headmaster of SK Babagon shared that the funds is very useful for them as it can go towards programmes to enhance pupils study. It can also help to go towards other needs in the classrooms.

According to him, the school always nominate at least 10 pupils to enter MRSM annually and this time round, he hoped that they can nominate more pupils.

According to him at the moment they focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

"We hope that with good education acquired from MRSM they can better their future and the community as a whole,"he said, adding that the pupils there are mostly from impoverished background listed under B40.

"I thank Datuk Ewon for his kind contribution and we will utilise the funds well as we also have plans to buy a filter for the gravity water to ensure pupils have clean drinking water," he said.

Lawrence George, the headmaster of SK Babagon, emphasised the significance of the funds they received, highlighting its potential to support programmes aimed at enhancing pupils' learning experiences. He also noted that the funds could address various classroom needs.

He mentioned that the school consistently nominates a minimum of 10 pupils annually to attend MRSM, expressing his hope to increase the number of nominees this year.

Emphasising the school's current focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), he stated, "We believe that a strong education from MRSM will empower our pupils to shape a brighter future for themselves and the community at large."

He added that the majority of the pupils come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds categorised under B40.

Expressing gratitude to Ewon for his generous contribution, Lawrence assured that the funds would be utilised effectively. He also mentioned plans to purchase a gravity water filter to ensure that pupils have access to clean drinking water.


"I am grateful for Datuk Ewon's kind support, and we are committed to maximising the impact of these funds to benefit our students and the school community," Lawrence said

Reno R. Mitol, the Senior Assistant Teacher of SK Kipovo, conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to Ewon, who serves as the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative (MEDC), for his generous contribution.

Reno expressed enthusiasm about the funds, emphasising that it will be utilized for various programmes benefiting the pupils, including a trip to MRSM to provide them with a glimpse into the junior college experience.

Regarding the selection of candidates for MRSM, Mitol mentioned that they would focus on students from Primary Five and Six classes to identify potential candidates.

With 27 students in Primary Six, he estimated that at least 50 percent of them have the potential to meet the criteria for enrollment in MRSM.

Meanwhile, MRSM Principal Amiruddin Ahmad Ghazali stated that they will collaborate and provide pupils with an understanding of MRSM's culture.

"We aim to use this programme to inspire parents to support their children in pursuing education at MRSM," he expressed.

He mentioned that they will regularly convene to engage with pupils and discuss various aspects of MRSM.


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