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Repair or rebuild collapsed bridge at Sim Sim immediately, govt urged

11 Oct 2021

By Ilona Andrew

SANDAKAN: Tanjong Papat State Assemblyman Datuk Frankie Poon Ming Fung has urged the government through the constituency's Community Leader Development Unit (UPPM) to immediately repair or rebuild the collapsed section of the bridge at Sim Sim.

He said action should be taken without further delay as the situation poses danger to the residents living in the vicinity.

"If the whole section collapses, it not only causes unnecessary inconvenience to the affected residents. It will cause uneasiness and restlessness to them as all houses at Sim Sim medium costs housing are built on stilts.

"Further collapses of the walkway may adversely affect the columns of the nearby houses as the proximity between the houses and walkway are just next to each other," he said after inspecting the area.

Poon also reasoned that as the current pandemic is already adversely affecting many psychologically and therefore their well-being should be the main priority of the government.

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